Android Controller - Google Earth Timelapse Hyperwall

Source Code

Implemented Features

  1. Pinch or double-tap on the map to zoom.
  2. Tap and move the finger on the map to pan.
  3. Scrolling the slider shows more thumbnails.
  4. Tapping on a thumbnail zooms to the location.
  5. Auto Mode: if the tablet is not interacted for a certain amount of time, it plays and goes to locations automatically.
  6. A timeline control allowing users to play, pause, seek, and change playback rate.
  7. Hardware acceleration for Android version 4.4 or higher.
  8. Settings Menu - users can configure the parameters for auto mode.

  9. Search and Autocomplete - clicking on the suggestions goes to the location.

  10. Disconnect and Reconnect - users can disconnect and reconnect to another hyperwall server.

  11. Slider Toggling - click or drag on the tab to toggle the slider.

  12. Location Editor - toggle the editor from the menu, it will be automatically hided after 2 minutes no user interaction. 

Tablet Editor Tutorial

  1. Click on a location to select it. Click on a selected location to go to it.

  2. Click on the “Add” button to add a location after the selected one.

  3. Type a desired title into the textbox and press “Go” button on the right of the keyboard to update the location title.

Desktop Editor Tutorial

  1. Select & Go
    Click on a location to select it. Click on the thumbnail to go to the location.
    select&go.png select&go_.png

  2. Add
    Click the “Add” button to add a location after the selected one.
    add.png add_.png

  3. Title
    Click on the right-most button under the thumbnail to edit the title.
    title.png title_.png

  4. Update
    Click the left-most button under the thumbnail to update the location to the current view.
    update.png update_.png

  5. Delete
    Click the “Del” button to delete the selected location.
    delete.png delete_.png

  6. Save & Load
    Click the “Share” button to save the slider as an URL. Click the “Load” button to load a slider back from an URL.
    save&load.png save&load_.png


  1. Upload
    Click the green button on the bottom of the editor to upload the slider to the location server.
    upload.png upload_.png

Important Notes

  1. Remember to backup the slider by pressing the “Share” button on the desktop editor and to save the URL.

  2. The “Disconnect”, “Settings”, and “Toggle Editor” menu on the Android action bar is not password protected. Maybe it should require username and password in the future.

  3. Only one controller is allowed for each hyperwall server. The old one will be disconnected automatically.

  4. If you are using Android version < 4.4, then you will see sluggish behavior when interacting with the map while the timeline is playing.